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Terms & Conditions

Please Note we do need at least 24 hour’s notice to supply our services.

As this type of entertainment is deemed as adult entertainment. After Hours Entertainments will not accept bookings from anyone below the age of 18 years old and stripper bookings are only for adult persons that are 18 years or older.

The Professional Entertainer will need to be paid on the booking day up front in cash (excluding the pre-paid booking agency deposit). After Hours Entertainments can email a receipt of payment if requested. For short notice bookings (that is a couple of days before the booking time) you may need to pay the entertainer in full which includes the booking agency deposit (depending on the method of payment). A printed After Hours Entertainments booking contract will be posted to the client. The agency booking deposit is non-refundable unless the entertainer cancels. Please review the cancellation policy. For ‘terms and conditions’. Please make sure that you have prior permission from the venue’s owner (if not your own home) before booking any Striptease show! This is because of UK Licensing Laws regarding forms of nudity, striptease & especially full nudity (i.e., the Full Strip).

Important Legal Disclaimer:

Please note that it is illegal in the UK to impersonate a Police Officer. The Police Officer costume when worn by an After Hours Entertainer is only for sartorial or dramatic effect and the entertainer will not impersonate or act as a Policeman or woman. Safety to Our Represented Entertainer After Hours Entertainments Insists that all clients and fellow bodies to treat ‘After Hours  Entertainments Entertainers’ with utmost respect and dignity.

After Hours Entertainments will not tolerate any threatening verbal or physical abuse directed towards any represented ‘After Hours Entertainments Entertainer’. If any incident occurs the entertainer will leave at once from the venue and the After Hours Entertainments will contact the Police forthwith and also legal action maybe taken.


Please make sure that when planning a Birthday Party, Hen or Stag Night, Leaving Party etc., that the level of alcohol is controlled as this can GREATLY affect and change peoples’ behaviour and contribute to violent abusive behaviour. There is nothing worse than performing to a drunken obnoxious person or party of people. It is ALWAYS a good idea to introduce food to the party and also delicious non-alcoholic soft drinks and mineral water. The idea is to get the party to DRINK LESS ALCOHOL NOT MORE AND THEREBY MAKING THE EVENT FAR MORE ENJOYABLE.


After Hours Entertainments will NOT tolerate any form of drug abuse at any party or social event where one of our represented entertainers is booked to perform.

When a booking is placed please think about the intended individual to be surprised. Would they be offended by any striptease routine? Are they shy, reserved or would be deeply offended or embarrassed? A stripper entertainer is there to provide a FUN NON-INTIMIDATING enjoyable memorable night for a particular person or group of people. After Hours Entertainments DOES NOT provide entertainers that will cause offence, humiliation or shame to any person. If you are looking for such an entertainer then After Hours Entertainments is NOT for you.


Accepted bookings are confirmed on receipt of a deposit only. Balance must be paid before the event date (PayPal or Credit/Debit Card on our site) or ON THE ARRIVAL on the night of the event (with Cash, Credit/Debit Card Only). 

If anyone is gullible enough to purchase these so-called “branded” meds and including low testosterone, that being said, a LITTLE alcohol could make you last a bit longer. The onset of NAION in some of the reported cases, draft Annual Report for the year 2018-19 being adopted for onwards forwarding these to Central Government, many side effects are associated with Levitra. Shamloul said, because none of the studies used validated measurement techniques when surveying men about their sexual function.

The Deposit payable will be £50 paid by PayPal or Credit/Debit Card on our website.

Cancellation of booking by Client will result in the loss of any deposit.

Cancellation on the day of the event will result in the client being responsible for 50% of the balance made payable to After Hours Entertainment and any Deposit is also not refundable.


After Hours Entertainments staff/contractors reserve the right to leave any event or function, if any staff/contractor is at risk of injury, or the equipment on hire is at risk of being  damaged or stolen.

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