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Hire A Stripper: The Rules For A Stag Night

Whenever you want to hire a stripper for a stag night, or another occasion come to that, there will be some rules that need to be considered first. Not ones to burst anyone’s bubble of fun, we just want to ensure everyone has a great time and really enjoys what the stripper can do rather than ruin it for themselves and others. Let’s look more closely at what you can do.

Make Your Choice

The first ‘rule’ when you hire a stripper is that you can choose exactly who you want. You might have spotted the exact stripper on our website, for example, but even if you haven’t, you can still specify what you would like them to look like. Picking hair, skin colour, height, body art, and more is all part of the fun. There’s no point in choosing a stripper you’re not going to enjoy watching, after all.

There May Not Be Encores

Something that you should remember when you hire a stripper is that they are not a guest at your party – they are there to do a job, albeit a fun, exciting one. So once they have performed (and routines will vary in length, but will be around 15 to 20 minutes), don’t badger them to hang around and party with you. They will most likely have another function to get to, and even if they don’t, they don’t know you and may not be comfortable being asked to stay. If you’re very lucky, and they have time, they might perform an encore, but they will expect to be paid for this, and again, if they can’t and it’s not been agreed ahead of time, don’t pester them. This is their job.

Look, Don’t Touch

If you are watching a show performed by a stripper or exotic dancer, you should think of it the same way as you would any theatre performance. This is a look but don’t touch situation. You wouldn’t try to grab the performers in a play or musical, so don’t do it to a stripper either. Firstly, you’ll ruin it for everyone else, and secondly, there is nothing to be gained from this – your stripper will most likely pack up and leave if you can’t control yourself, and then you won’t have anyone to watch at all.

Hire A Stripper For Your Next Party

Most adult parties will benefit from hiring a stripper. It will certainly make them a lot more fun and entertaining, and it will keep them in people’s minds for a long time to come. Contact us today to book a package that suits you.



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